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Join us as we celebrate our youth and their leaders. Youth-run services, award ceremony, and gala Kiddush. Fill out the form below to send a thank you message to your child's leader, or a mazel tov to your child. 

ORCHARD ($1,800)

RAIN SHOWER ($1,000)


SAPLING ($360)

Josh & Raizel Kahn in honor of Gila Daman, Tova Gerchikov, Rosie Feldman, Sarah Deutsch, Shira Golding Esther Kayser, Miri Sobel, Bas-Sheva Alterman, & Chana Miriam Haller, SKIP Leaders Extraordinaire for our children.
Jonathan & Shulamith Klein

NEW FRUIT ($100)
Rabbi Dr. Michael  & Elisheva Berger in honor of Rabbi Shalom Yosef Horowitz, for his masterful leadership of the Teen Minyan.
Avi & Menucha Bogart in honor of all the wonderful skip leaders who take such good care of our kids every Shabbos morning!
Jeff & Faith Cohen in honor of all the amazing SKIP leaders and Rabbi Horowitz!
Rabbi Menachem & Dena Deutsch in honor of the wonderful and dedicated leaders of SKIP, Bnei Jacob, NCSY and the Teen Minyan. Tizku l'mitzvos!
Ely & Malka Landman  in honor of Noam Landman for his enthusiasm for davening and leining. A special thank you to Rabbi Horowitz for all of his hard work and dedication; and to all of the wonderful Skip leaders who joyfully and energetically engage our youngest on shabbos mornings. 
Aaron & Michelle Saltzman in honor of all of the youth leaders who make Shabbos morning so fun for Ari!
Yehonatan and Malka Schwarzmer in honor of David Jaffe, Rabbi Silverman, Rabbi Horowitz, Tova Eidex, Morah Gila, Yocheved Shkarofsky, Shira Golding, and Chava Neiditch! Thank you for making shul a place that our kids enjoy.
Shalom & Tzippy Teller in honor of "our wonderful SKIP leaders. Thanks for always taking such great care of us and making Shabbos morning fun! Eitan & Nava Teller and family"

Rabbi Meir & Daliah Cohen in honor of all the SKIP leaders and Teen Minyan maestro, Rabbi Horowitz.
Yakov & Rachel Daniels in honor of all the amazing SKIP leaders!
Neal & Sara Davis in honor of all the SKIP leaders who care for our children.
Charles & Devorah Diener in honor of Rabbi Horowitz for being a great mentor to Oren, and David Jaffe for leading Bnei BJ.
Dr. Jonathan & Shayna Drori in honor of Miriam and Yaakov’s SKIP leaders, the coordinators, and all involved! We appreciate your dedication each week. Our kids look forward to SKIP every Shabbos!
Gavin & Elissa Ellman in honor of the wonderful young women who take care of Sarina on Shabbat mornings!
Rabbi Nachi & Jennifer Friedman "Thank you Shira, Yocheved, Esther & Miri and all of the SKIP leaders who make SKIP something our children look forward to every week!"
Yonasan & Esti Gavant in honor of Shira Lewis, Simcha Freida Kayser, and all the amazing SKIP leaders - thanks for a great year!
Elan & Yelena Hertzbrg "We are so appreciative of the Skip leaders and all involved, who create a safe, caring and uplifting Shabbos experience for our children."
Yosef & Sonia Hoffman in honor of Tova, Rosie and Sarah for taking such good care of our boys! The love and excitement you bring to that room is so meaningful! Thank you for all your hard work!
Tzvi & Temima Oratz in honor of all of the amazing Skip leaders and teachers who have helped our children grow and love Shabbos! Thank you!
Rabbi Doron Silverman  in honor of Mr. Jordan Tritt for inspiring me!
Rabbi Yitzchok & Russy Tendler in honor of all the amazing SKIP leaders & in appreciation to Morah Rivka Estreicher for her 18 years of dedication to the preschool.
Dr. Josh & Michelle Winer in honor of David Jaffe for leading Bnei BJ.

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Fri, January 21 2022 19 Shevat 5782