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Roving Rabbis Shavuos Night Program Thursday night, May 28. In place of unified learning at shul, BJ and ASK Rabbis will be bringing Torah to YOU! Sign-up for a slot on Shavuos night, receive engaging Torah questions to discuss with your family, and get ready for a personal visit from your rabbi where he will share a Torah thought on the discussion topic.

The Home Beis Pick up a study packet for Shavuos night for guided father/son learning. Covers a variety of Shavuos-related Torah topics, including structured Gemarah learning, an analysis of Shavuos customs, and thought provoking divrei Torah. Kid-friendly with illustrations, quick facts about Torah scholars, and vocab words for enhanced learning. Click here to download the full packet. Print outs of selected topics will be available in front of the Shul Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. (Please note that these packets are shemos and should be disposed of properly.)

Learn & Play! Using materials that will be sent out, enhance your knowledge of a pre-chosen Torah topic. After Shavuos, put your learning to the test and enter a family-friendly online competition!


Mon, March 1 2021 17 Adar 5781