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Yom Hazikaron/ Yom Ha’atzmaut Talk

Take action to support israel

As we continue to keep the war in Israel at the forefront of our minds, here are some recommended resources, efforts, upcoming events and important information:

Letter from Rabbi Emanuel Feldman - Click here to read a letter to our community from our Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Emanuel Feldman.

Tehillim are recited after each Minyan. Names of Soldiers: Click here to view a spreadsheet of IDF soldiers connected to our community, to daven for them. Please add any names you know of, being careful not to add duplicates.

Click here to download Tehillim and prayers that were recited on Shabbos during our Block Party Gala Kiddush on November 4. 

Daily Tefillah Insights will be delivered between Mincha and Maariv focused on understanding Tefillah. Recordings available on Soundcloud and Podcast.

Tzedaka - Significant funds have been raised via the Rabbi's Charity Fund for disbursement to causes dealing with the crisis on a variety of fronts. Please click here and write "Israel relief" in the notes field.

Communicating with Children - We have been advised by mental health experts that parents should be cautious about what information, images, and videos they share around their children. Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox of Chai Lifeline has published an infographic with guidelines for parents, click here to view.

Inspiration & Chessed Projects

An effort is underway to match up available apartments in Israel with evacuated families from border towns. If you own an empty apartment in Israel and are interested in participating, click here.


Be Paired with an IDF Soldier click here!

Reaching Higher for Rose This new learning initiative provides a springboard for growth in several areas that were especially meaningful to Rose Lubin, z"l. Pick a topic and be paired with a learning partner to study weekly, and join Zoom sessions with special speakers. May our efforts be an aliyah for the neshama of Rus Elisheva bas Chaim Dovid, z"l. Click here to sign up. For questions, contact Nechoma Birnbaum

Israel Support Events


  Did you Know? Beth Jacob mortgaged the Shul to send half a million dollars to Israel in    the 70's, at a time when they needed it most! Click here to view the Southern  Israelite article. 

  • What Israel Means to Me and What it Should Mean to You, Rabbi Zev Leff,
    Sunday, April 26, 10:30am, Listen to Recording
  • Cook up some Israeli-style dishes - Click here for easy recipes and videos by S.F. Berkowitz














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