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BJY SUkkos 5781!

Click here to register for Kids Hakafos on Simchas Torah, Sunday October 11. Choose from one of the following times and locations: 

4:30pm HH | 5:00pm BJ Sukkah | 5:30pm HH | 6:00pm BJ Sukkah

  Torah Inspiration   |   Parsha Kahoot Challenge 
Davening/Mitzva Club    |    Rabbi Jake Performance    Hotlines

Zoom Torah Inspiration for Kids: Monday - Thursday at 5:00pm  Click to join!

  • Geared for grades 1st through 5th but all are welcome to join!
  • Daily Torah Inspiration followed by a recitation of Tehillim
  • A $10 Amazon Gift Card will be raffled off at the end for those that participate

Parsha Kahoot Challenge for kids: Friday Only at 4:00pm

  • Learn the Parsha this week with parents, teachers, etc.  (All Ages are Welcome)
  • Take an online Parsha Challenge that will be sent out on Friday 
  • A $10 Amazon Gift Card will be raffled off at 6 PM for all those who complete it

BJ Youth Davening/Mitzva Club

  • Join our club by completing the Weekly BJ Youth Davening/Mitzvah Chart 
  • Parents complete the weekly google form by 5 PM each Friday
  • A $10 Amazon Gift Card will be raffled off at 6 PM each Friday
  • Special Prizes will be given out to all participants in Shul once we return for each week's completed chart!


Zoom Rabbi Jake Kids Concert and Puppet Show

Hotlines, Resource, and Other Programs:

Mon, January 25 2021 12 Shevat 5781