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Teen Minyan

For boys and girls in 5th – 12th grade. An eighth grader serves as Gabai each year, and boys who have had their Bar Mitzvah are encouraged to lead the davening and lein.

At the Teen Minyan, boys have the opportunity to develop their comfort level and skills as ba'alei tefilah (leading the davening) and ba'alei kriah (reading the Torah). Many continue on to use these skills in their high schools and beyond. Very often, high school graduates of the minyan return and "show off" their davening and leining skills. They are exemplary role models for the younger boys. Boys not yet Bar mitzvah age lead the beginning and end of davening.

The minyan encourages fathers to daven with their sons. A serious, yet warm shul decorum is strongly encouraged and demonstrated. Boys who might be shy or don't shine much at home or in school can find their place in a positive, friendly and encouraging shul environment.

The minyan is most famous for our delicious hot cholent kiddush after davening. Word has it that the Teen Minyan's secret cholent recipe is in the Coke museum next to the Coke recipe. 

For more information, contact Rabbi Shalom Yosef Horowitz.

Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782