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In addition to the option of digitally downloading these songs or listening online, actual CDs are available and will be mailed out by the Shul office by request. Please contact to receive your copy.

A Taste of The Awe: Highlights from the Yamim Noraim Davening

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Liturgy & Translation

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The Motivating Machzor: Insights

By Rabbi Dov Foxbrunner

Nothing stirs the Jewish soul like the sounds and melodies of Yamim Noraim davening. Here at Beth Jacob, we are privileged to have exceptional and dedicated Chazzanim who have developed a special sound and style.

In an effort to familiarize the community with our unique blend of melodies, Chazan Yonasan Gavant has prepared recordings of several Tefillos (prayers) that are regularly sung in the Main Shul on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, with special attention given to the evening prayers of Yom Kippur, when all Minyanim come to daven and sing together.


Dr. Ari Leifer, one of our lead Chazanim of the minyan held in the Conference Room, has added a few tracks special to that Minyan.


We will be releasing three tracks per week throughout Elul. These tracks, with accompanying liturgy and translation (and Artscroll Machzor page reference), will be available on our website and Podcast channel.


By listening and familiarizing yourself with these melodies ahead of time, we hope you will feel more connected to the davening when you encounter them in shul. Of course, they are also a good way to help us get in the Yamim Noraim “mood” in the upcoming weeks.


Thank you to Yonasan Gavant for spearheading this project, Dr. Ari Leifer for his recordings, and Yaakov Esral, Alfredo Reed, Tzvi Berkowitz, and Gavantage Studios for their assistance.

The Motivating Melodies Series is sponsored by:
Avi & Rachel Tate in honor of Avi's parents
Dr. Jospeh and Phyllis Tate
May they continue to see nachat from everything they do!
And by:
Dr. Moshe & Ann Ellen Gavant in memory of Mr. Abe Esral z"l

Wishing you and your family a Kesiva V’Chasima Tova!

Tue, August 3 2021 25 Av 5781