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This Shabbos morning program is designed for boys and girls from 18 months through 2nd grade and girls in 3rd through 5th grade. They are split into multiple age groups. The children receive Parsha and tefilla lessons guided by an age appropriate curriculum that teaches it in a fun and inspiring way.

As the children get older, they learn more of the order of Shabbos morning prayers, excerpts of the actual Torah reading and shul decorum. In addition to the Parsha and tefilla lessons, the children enjoy songs, games, snacks, and prizes. 

Our counselors are handpicked, each one with her own special talents, enthusiasm, love for children, and desire to enhance the children’s Shabbos. On many of the weeks we have special Parsha related activities for our Pre-K through 5th grade groups which include life size board games, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, super exciting contests, and lots more!

A child was asked by his father what could be done to make SKIP better. After a few moments of contemplation, the child responded “make it go all week long!”

Come join us for the fun! We'll see you on Shabbos!

Please click here to register your child/ren for SKIP or other Shabbos morning programs. Beginning January 15, 2020, only registered participants will be allowed in groups. 

Our BJ Youth Programs seek to provide the most positive shul experience possible, filled with enthusiasm for Torah and Mitzvos. Below is a list of our BJ Youth staff for the 5780 year.

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Youth Coordinator: Rabbi Jake Czuper

SKIP Coordinator:  Shira Golding

Youth Leaders:

  • Tova Gerchicov and Rosie Feldman (Babies) 
  • Esty Singer and Miri Sobel (3 and 4's)
  • Shira Lewis and Sara Alterman (Pre-K and K Girls)
  • Avigayil Landman and  Esther Kayser  (Prek-K and K Boys)
  • Tova Eidex (1-2nd grade boys)
  • Kasriel Weatherspoon (Bnei BJ 3rd and 4th Grade Boys)
  • Rabbi Yaakov Fleschel (Bnei BJ 5th Grade Boys)
  • Basheva Alterman and Chana Miriam Haller (1st-2nd grade girls)
  • Gila Daman (Early SKIP Childcare) 

Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782