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Dinner Conversations

Join us on select Sunday evenings for a new series of stimulating programs – The Dinner Conversation. Dine and socialize with friends and be engaged by thought-provoking discussions led by prominent visiting authors and scholars. Catered dinner begins at 5:30pm, followed by a brief lecture and participatory discussion.


Sunday night, October 13th: Gabriella Licsko: “Two Hungarian Jews, Two Very Different Paths to the Jewish State” CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION

Theodor Herzl and HaRav Yissacher Teichtal could not be more different. Herzl was anti-religious assimilated secular Jew and Rav Teichtal was an illustrious Chassidic Master and Scholar. But they did share one remarkable journey: They both transformed their original positions of indifference and opposition to the idea of a modern State of Israel to passionate advocacy for a return to the Jewish Homeland.

Ms. Gabriella Licsko is a dynamic young lecturer and historian living in Israel, who made Aliyah from Hungary six years ago. As researcher of various Israeli communities and identities she spends much time traveling to and lecturing in different parts of Israel. Her wide range of topics and subjects include lecture series about the different groups and streams within Israeli Orthodox society, Sephardi and Oriental Jewish heritage, exotic Jewry, the History of Zionism and contemporary Israeli society.

This program has been generously sponsored by Dr. Mort & Edie Barr In memory of their beloved parents, Abraham & Florence Perlof and Jerry & Janet Barr

Sunday, December 15th: BJ Rosenfeld: “The Chameleon in the Closet”

BJ’s memoir traces the universal journey parents take as their children try to find their place in the world. When both of her sons broke with the family’s Conservative Jewish upbringing and plunged into orthodoxy, BJ was confronted with the challenge of accepting or rejecting their newfound religious beliefs. She has become a chameleon, changing her clothing and demeanor, not at whim, but to suit the situation and the circumstances. With candor, passion, and humor, The Chameleon in the Closet is a unique tribute to all parents who stand behind their children’s life-altering decisions.

Before starting a career as a free-lance writer, BJ taught Spanish, French and remedial reading in upstate New York. BJ is President of Hadassah Capital District and serves on the board of directors of Congregation Beth Shalom, the Hudson Valley Writer’s Guild, Women’s Philanthropies and the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York. She chairs the Israel-European Aff airs Committee for the Jewish Federation. BJ’s coverstories, articles, interviews, and Op-ed pieces have appeared in the Jewish World, Boom Magazine, the Times Union, the Saratoga Business Journal, the Glens Falls Business Journal, the Saratogian, and the Community News. She and her husband live in upstate New York. They have two sons and nine grandchildren. One son lives in Israel; the other is in New York.

This program has been generously sponsored by Clive & Sandy Slovin in memory of Sandy’s aunt, Mrs. Sylvia Berman

Sunday Night Radio Dinner Theater: “Not Your Parents’ Parent Trap” with Rabbi Ilan & Rebbetzin Miriam Feldman

This is the story of an Iranian couple who were unhappily married for 27 years. He had a temper. She never really loved him. So they split up and got divorced. And then, two years after that, to everybody’s surprise—especially their grown-up children—they fell in love and married each other again. And this time, everything was different.

Rabbi Ilan and Miriam Feldman will moderate a discussion based on the above episode from “This American Life” radio show which will be played for all to hear. This evening is a pilot program for a possible ongoing series of discussions led by Rabbi Ilan and Miriam.

Sat, March 25 2023 3 Nisan 5783