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Daily Shul Renovation FAQ

Q. Why are we doing this - the Daily Shul is perfectly fine the way it is!?

The Daily Shul is the-most used space in the building and is visited by hundreds daily. In fact, it is likely the most-used Jewish prayer space in the State of Georgia. The current space has served us very well over the decades but is in need of a face-lift to make the room brighter, fresher, and more efficient for its users.

Q. What exactly is planned for this renovation?

This relatively minor renovation will dramatically alter the “feel” of the space. The carpeting will be replaced, the fixed pews will be replaced with movable chairs, the walls will be painted a light color, tables will be available in part of the room, bookshelves in the side room will become more accessible for usage, remaining wooden finishes will be stained, lighting will be upgraded, the ceiling will be modernized, and additional mechitza panels will be installed to provide more space for women.

Q. Why are we removing the pews - they add so much character to the room?

While we also have nostalgic feelings for the fixed pews, they are often the reason there is inadequate seating in the Daily Shul. The way they are configured results in fewer people being able to be seated at any given time, and having individual chairs will allow aisles to be designed in a more efficient way to maximize the space. We anticipate being able to fit as many as 100 seats, depending on the final configuration. Additionally, the goal is also to add tables to some of the room which will enhance the davening and learning experience for many.

Q. Who is the committee responsible for executing this renovation?

Building Trustee Yonasan Gavant and Treasurer Nachi Friedman (who is also the Gabbai for the 9am Shabbos Minyan) assembled a diverse committee of men and women of all ages who have looked at this issue, including several who work professionally in building and interior design who generously lent their expertise to this project.

Q. How does this campaign work?

This campaign will only run for 36 hours (February 2- February 3), and is limited to 100 donors who each commit $360 to the campaign. These 100 Pillars of $360 will be recognized on an elegant new donor plaque which will be displayed in the Daily Shul.

Those who can contribute less than $360 are certainly encouraged to do so, but only the 100 Pillars will appear on the donor plaque. Pledges may be paid off over 6 months ($60/month). 

(For those interested in contributing more than $360, larger dedication opportunities are available. Please contact the committee heads for more details.)

Q. When will construction actually begin?

The committee has already done virtually all of the legwork to select the various components and their details. We anticipate that the work will take place in the second half of February and into March. The committee is committed to not having the project drag on; it will be promptly executed following the success of the campaign.


Campaign Pillars


Eric & Malka Adelman

Levi & Aliza Afrah

Peyton & Elaine Alexander

Robert Anservitz

Farimah Asher

Jon & Susan Becker

Dr. Yaakov & Kim Berendt

Michael & Betsy Cenker

Harriet Cortell

Rabbi Meir & Damian Cohen

Joshua & Lisa Corn

Rabbi Jake & Chani Czuper

Neal & Sara and Dr. Orrin & Gwenn Davis

Lucas & Hailee Dear

Rabbi Menachem & Dena Deutsch

Dr. Jonathan & Shayna Drori

Dr. David & Sheila Elkon

Gavin & Elisa Ellman

Rabbi Daniel & Bluma Estreicher

Dr. Aaron & Devorah Feldman

Rabbi Emanuel & Estelle Feldman

Rabbi Ilan D. & Miriam Feldman

Arthur & Janne Friedman

Joey & Kay Fink

Dr. Mark & Barbara Fisher

Aaron & Chanie Foxbrunner

Rabbi Dov & Rivka Foxbrunner

Greg & Elisheva Fragin

Gary Fragin

Michael & Mimi Fragin

Daniel & Melanie Frank

Tal & Pia Frank

Nachi & Jennifer Friedman

Tom & Marsha Friedman

Yonasan & Esti Gavant

Dr. Raph & Martine Gershon

Josh & Rachel Goldsmith

Eliyahu & Tova Gibioff

Stuart & Rhoda Gleicher

Rabbi Dr. Moshe & Michelle Goldfeder

Rabbi David & Hadassah Goldstrom

Rabbi Daniel & Tova Gopin

Meyer & Marci Greenberg

Yehoshua & Malka Greenberg

Avraham & Tamar Gris

Family of Jerry Grossblatt a"h

Rabbi Yaakov & Mindy Haller

Rick & Robin Halpern

 Sanford & Deborah Hartman

Yisrael & Chava Herscovici

Rabbi Moshe & Leah Hiller

Raphael Hirsch

Yosef & Sonia Hoffman

Scott Italiaander

David & Dr. Helaina Jaffe

Josh & Sari Joel

Josh & Raizel Kahn

Neil & Marcy Kalnitz

Rabbi David & Vicky Kayser

Nathaniel & Rachel Leah Klein

Ben & Shayna Krohn

Ely & Malka Landman

Steve & Linda Lavenda

Michael & Dianne Leader

Yehuda & Andrea Levine

Jonathan & Davida Levine

Andy & Leah Lewis

Matt & Chavi Lewis

Marc & Bev Lewyn

Daniel & Elizabeth Lieberman

Neal & Gail Mandelbaum

Hunter & Stacey McGhee

Daniel & Linda Minkow

Pete & Leslee Morris

Rabbi Abi & Devorah Nadoff

Ezy & Chanie Neumann

David & Elana Pollack

Joey & Amy Raab

David & Evi Reznick

Rabbi Israel & Susan Robinson

Paul & Cheryl Rodbell

Rabbi Avram & Shira Rubin

Avraham & Miri Samber

Rabbi Norman & Lydia Schloss

Arnie & Marcy Schneider

R. Yehonatan & Malka Schwarzmer

Rabbi Yosef & Rookie Shapiro

Dr. Allen & Shelley Shaw

Rabbi David & Julie Silverman

Rabbi Doron & Rebeka Silverman

Gidon & Simone Sobel

Dr. Thomas & Judy Spira

Rabbi Reuven & Rachel Stein

Yakov Stein

Mickey & Marilyn Steinberg

Harold & Shani Stiefel

Shlomo & Elisheva Storch

Dr. Mark & Marsha Strazynski

Marty Stub & Terry Eden

Michael & Mindy Tanenbaum

Rabbi Yitzchok & Russy Tendler

Jordan & Erica Tritt

Avraham & Tamar Warga

Dr. Josh & Michelle Winer

Danny Wasserman

Rabbi Yitzchok & Sara Werbin

Jack & Pam Williams

Dr. Michael & Yael Wolf

Dr. Yoni & Nina Yaari

Michael & Ariella Yaschik

Josh & Ilana Yehaskel

Elchanan & Penina Zuckman

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