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Upcoming Classes:


Daily Torah Classes:

  • OU Live: A new nightly hour-long program, bringing you front row seats to conversations with some of our community’s most inspiring and uplifting leaders.
    Daily at 1pm and 8pm ,
    click here to join.

  • Tefillah Tips: BJ Rabbis
    Daily thoughts to aid, inspire and guide private prayer.
    7:05am, click to join.

  • Daily Virtual Tefillah:
    This is not a Minyan and there will be no Kaddish. This a place to come together in prayer in a display of unity and shared inspiration.
    Mon-Fri 7:20am, over BJ Zoom

  • BJ Daily Chizzuk x 2
    Twice daily thoughts of inspiration from Rabbis Feldman and Foxbrunner and others delivered over WhatsApp.
    To join click here

  • Halachos of Tefillah: BJ Rabbis
    Practical halachic guidence for davening alone. Coming soon.

  • Daf Yomi: Rabbi Ilan D. Feldman
    Sun-Fri 6am,
    click to join.

  • Daf Yomi: Rabbi Reuven Stein 
    Sun-Thurs 7pm, Contact Steve Filreis
     for participation information.

  • Daf Yomi: Rabbi Reuven Stein
    Sun-Thurs 9pm, Google Meet.

  • Daf Yomi: Rabbi Reuven Stein
    Sun-Fri 8:30am,  Google Meet.

  • Torah Learning Around the Clock: Please click here to join an initiative by David Kayser. 

Weekly Torah Classes:

  • Semichas Chaver Program (SCP):
    Sunday, 8:45am,
    BJ Zoom, Rabbi Foxbrunner's weekly Halacha class.

  • Advanced Text-Based Class: Mrs. Esther Pransky
    Sunday, 9:30am, 
    click here to join zoom meeting.
    Call in number: 1-253-215-8782 meeting id: 928 017 420 Password: 019285

  • Bamidbar Class: Rabbi Doniel Pransky
    Sunday, 7:00pm, Click here to join.

  • Jewish Potpourri: Rabbi Yitzchok Werbin
    Wednesday, 12:00pm,
    VBJ Zoom; Call-in Number: 1-929-436-2866 Meeting ID: 248 603 105

  • Advanced Navi: Rabbi Pransky
    Wednesday, 8:00pm, Click here to join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 834 3365 3557; Password: 017868

  • Shabbos Shuir - on ThursdayRabbi Doniel Pransky
    Thursday, 8:00pm,Click here to join.

  • Rabbis Sermon: Rabbi Ilan D. Feldman
    Friday, 3:00pm,
    VBJ Zoom.

  • Shabbos Drasha: Rabbi Dov Foxbrunner
    Friday, 3:30pm,
    VBJ Zoom

  • Teen Minyan Dvar TorahRabbi Shalom Y. Horowitz
    Friday, 4:00pm,
    VBJ Zoom

  • Pirkei AvosRotation of Members
    Friday, 4:20pm,
    VBJ Zoom.

  • BENA Bytes: Mrs. Esther Pransky
    A recorded parsha thought with a down to earth, meaningful message to take into Shabbos. For Women by Women.
    Click Here to sign up for the weekly BENA Bytes emails.

Recorded Classes: (Please note that most classes are recorded to our SoundCloud channel, click here to access.)

Sun, October 25 2020 7 Cheshvan 5781