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07/02/2018 01:40:46 PM


Rabbi Menashe & Randee Goldberger on the birth of a grandson, born to Yaakov Yosef & Miriam Feigenbaum. Shalom Zachor will be this Friday night at the Goldberger's home, 1725 N. Holly Lane.  

Rabbi Dr. Moshe & Michelle Goldfeder on the birth of their daughter, Rivka Neima. To make them a meal, click here.

Aaron & Michelle Saltzman on the birth of their daughter, Mira Shaindel (Mira Jean). To make them a meal, click here.  

Rabbi Yosef & Rookie Shapiro on the birth of twin sons.  Shalom Zachor will be at their home this Friday night, 3529 High Grove Way in Brookhaven at 7:45pm. The double Bris is scheduled for 8:30am Monday, July 9, in the Atlanta Scholars Kollel, followed by a meal in the Conference Room. 

Dr. Michael & Rhonda Graiser on the birth of their granddaughter Chava, born to Simcha & Esther Beller in Southfield, MI.

Shlomo & Elisheva Storch on the birth of their daughter, Sara Yehudis. 

Norman & Lydia Schloss on the engagement of their daughter Devora to Gabe Mandel, son of Dr. Morris & Tova Mandel of Cleveland, OH. 

Fri, May 7 2021 25 Iyar 5781