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 Are you a firstborn?  Would you like to honor or remember one?  Become a sponsor of the Seudah.  Contact the Shul office at 404-633-0551.

Each year, on the day before Pesach, firstborn males are required to fast to commemorate the Israelites being spared from death in the Plague of the Firstborn.  Firstborn males can exempt themselves from this fast by attending a Siyum (completion of a section of Torah study) and the Seudah (festive meal) that follows.  

Beth Jacob provides opportunities for firstborn males to participate in a Siyum and a Seudah following each Shacharis minyan on Erev Pesach (Friday, April 19, 2019.)


$360+ Sponsorship

$180 Sponsorship

Mark Brooks
 Dr. Tzvi & Devorah Caplan
in memory of Herbert Setlen, z"l.
Jack & Pamela Williams in honor of their parents.

$108 Sponsorship
Betty Mislow in memory of her husband, Stanley Mislow, z"l.

Other Amount

Nathaniel & Rachel Leah Klein in memory of Nathaniel’s paternal grandfather, Louis Klein (Aryeh ben Yisroel), z”l.

You may include a short dedication with your sponsorship. 


Thu, February 27 2020 2 Adar 5780