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 Are you a firstborn?  Would you like to honor or remember one?  Become a sponsor of the Fast of the Firstborn Siyum & Breakfast by filling out the form below,
or contact the Shul office at 404-633-0551.

The Fast of the Firstborn is Friday, April 15 beginning at 5:49am. Those who do not wish to fast can participate in a siyum (completion of a section of Torah study).  We will host a siyum following each Shacharis minyan in Heritage Hall.  

2022 Sponsors


Dr. Aaron & Miriam Cann 
IMO Yosef Binyamin ben Avraham Chaim (Mr. George Topas)

Dr. Moshe & Jennie Shapiro
in honor of Moshe’s mother for having him as her firstborn. 

Dr. Barry & Mindy Zisholtz


Dr. Tzvi & Devorah Caplan
in memory of their beloved Uncle Herbert Setlen, Chaim ben Eleazer z"l, died 14 Nison 5721, March 31, 1961.

Rick & Robin Halpern
IHO our firsborns, Dov Halpern, and our son-in-law Aaron Attar.

Jack & Pam Williams 
our first born grandson, Emmett and our first born son, Emmett's Dad, Matt.


Jeff & Renee Levene

Betty Mislow
In memory of beloved husband, Stanley Allan Mislow

Fishel & Jean Paley
“L’ylul Nishmas, Rafuel Ben Rivkah “Grandpa Bob”

Simcha & Rachel Trilokekar 
in honor of our first born son, Avraham Yehoshua!

$72 and below

David & Tova Isaacs


You may include a short dedication with your sponsorship. 

Thu, February 2 2023 11 Shevat 5783