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Business and Organizations

Your Location Of Choice for Business Meetings, Conferences and Organizational Events

When it comes to business and organization meetings and events, Atlanta’s Heritage Hall is expansive, resourceful, and flexible. Providing you with the bottom-line business choices and full-focus attention that you want for your meetings, private conferences, and exhibitions.

  • From large-capacity theater seating…to a range of rooms for medium and smaller groups, or break-out meetings, you’ll have the options you need. Plus, your meetings and conferences are in a less distracting environment than hotels or commercial facilities…more private, more comfortable.
  • Plus, many “extras” are already included, such as chairs, tables, state of-the-art sound and lighting systems, in-system event recording, and more. So you don’t have to hassle through a stressful “negotiation” to get what you need for your organization or company. Please see our listing, Your Choices, Our Capabilities for details.
  • Select your favorite caterer or choose from our breakfast, lunch or dinner business menus. Our Event Coordinator is on site to make sure your business events progress efficiently and professionally.
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